Thermo elements

elements with a terminal block or hard-wired compensating line:
  • Types K(NiCr-Ni), L or J (Fe-CuNi),S,B or R (PtRh-Pt)
  • Protective tube made from steel, heat-resistant steel or ceramic
  • Fixed in place with flange or screw fitting
Angular position thermo elements for measurement in salt or glass melts.
Value for money model with protective single-piece steel tube curved or screwed model with interchangeable protective tubes, which can be made from: steel, heat-resistant steel, SIC, titanium, enamelled steel

Sheathed thermo elements, the robust flexible type, can be used for temperatures of up to 1200C depending on the type of element:
  • From 0.5 mm (very responsive) up to 8 mm in diameter (long waiting period)
  • Available with terminal block, connector or with a hard-wired compensating line

All models with a terminal block are available with an integral transducer