Resistance thermometers

Depending on the model, resistance thermometers can be used for temperatures from
approx. -80 to approx. +550C and they provide a high level of accuracy within this range.
Resistance thermometers
Outside resistance thermometers Connection:
  • hard-wired
  • terminal block
  • terminal block with measuring transducer
  • thermocouple connectors
Measuring elements:
  • Pt100 2, 3 or 4 conductors
  • Pt500
  • Pt1000
  • Ni100
  • Ni1000
Inside resistance thermometers Fittings:
  • for wall mounting (indoor sensor or external/humidity sensor)
  • without thread for fitting (probe)
  • with welded-on thread (screw-in sensor)
  • with welded-on tapered pins
  • with sliding screw fitting
We also supply sheathed resistance thermometers with diameter 3 or 6 mm.
Advantages: flexible, shatterproof, robust.
Sheathed resistance thermometer