Measurement transducer (head transmitter)

The transducers incorporated into the head convert the different signals fed back from the sensor to the industry standard 4..20mA. The auxiliary energy to do this is taken from the measurement signal, which means that a 2-wire connection is sufficient. There is a separate power supply connected in series between the transducer and the display/controller. Depending on what is required the following are available:
  • good-value analogue measurement transducer for standard measurement ranges
  • programmable transducer also available for specialist ranges
  • programmable transducer with electroplating separation
  • HART®-compatible transducer
  • high-resolution precision measurement transducer with status display that can be fitted on site


  • flange made of cast-iron or galvanised metal for sensors of diameter 6 - 32 mm.
  • flange with cast-iron counter-flange for welding on, with ceramic fibre seal
  • gas-tight screws with threads M8x1 to 5/4" made of galvanised steel or stainless steel, with selas made of Teflon, ceramic fibre or cutting rings, for sensors of diameter 1 to 32 mm

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks Made from light metal, die-cast, plastic or stainless steel protection category IP43 to IP65

Connectors for thermo elements/compensating lines

With thermo contacts to ensure faultless connection, plugs, connection cables, flange connection cables, integral connection cables with mounting plate ... Connectors